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Jiaxing Longyin Photovoltaic tritt in neue Phase ein--- Spezialprodukte werden in Japan ausgestellt u
The high-performance photovoltaic panels and BIPV (Building Photovoltaic Integration) products was showed in the Tokyo exhibition in Japan from 12.4-12.6 in 2019.Jiaxing Longyins Photovoltaic products received high attention from experts and the medi...
Die Unterzeichnungszeremonie des Jiaxing Longyin Photovoltaic BIPV-Projekts für eine automatische Mo
In the afternoon of December 26, 2019, Jiaxing Longyin Photovoltaic Materials Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Hanborg Automation Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on a fully automatic assembly line project for BIPV custom module.Mr. Zhang Weif...
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