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Our Vision
To be a respected new energy enterprise
Our Mission
Create value and benefit mankind with solar energy technology
Our Belief
Continuously innovate to provide customers with cost-effective products
Our Spirit
Integrity, professionalism, cooperation and gratitude

Think from the Company's position, protect the Company’s interests and withstand temptations.
Work for payment, but also for services, with willingness to make personal sacrifices for work.
The core of responsibility lies in the conscientiousness to do everything well. Keep the promise and be careful not making mistakes due to negligence.
Teamwork and discipline guarantee the competitiveness. Think for others and make your own ability magnified in the team.
Keep up with the pace of the enterprise, learn with an open mind, squeeze time to recharge yourself and develop your own “comparative advantage” to push your limits.
Concentrate on daily work on the quantitative basis and avoid procrastination. Prioritize your business and avoid perfectionism so as to achieve the best efficiency.
Tell what you think and solve it on the spot. Communication is different from gossip that either saying nothing or saying too much is not acceptable. When asking questions, you’d better have the plan; when being criticized, you should know the criticism is for the improvement.
Ways may outnumber problems if you really hope to accomplish it. Create conditions to complete the task and make the achievement beyond expectation without any second trial.

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